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Cap Screws
  • Hex Grade 5, Coarse

  • Hex Grade 5, Fine

  • Hex Grade 8, Coarse

  • Hex 8.8 Metric

  • Socket Head
  • Hex Nuts

  • Grade 5, Coarse

  • Grade 5, Fine

  • Grade 8, Coarse

  • Hex 8.8 Metric

  • Lock, Stover Top

  • Lock, Nylon Insert

  • Lock, Nylon Insert-Metric

  • Machine
  • Washers

  • Flat SAE

  • Flat USS

  • Flat Gr 8, SAE

  • Flat Gr 8, USS

  • Flat Metric

  • Split-Lock

  • Split-Lock Gr 8

  • Split-Lock Metric
  • Screws

  • Sheet Metal

  • Self Drill / TEK

  • Machine
  • Anchors

  • Ribbed Plastic

  • Super Ribbed Plastic

  • Screw-In
  • Electrical Terminals

  • Butt Connectors

  • Ring Terminals

  • Spade Terminals

  • Disconnects
  • Abrasives

  • Cut-Off Wheels

  • Grinding Wheels

  • Chop Saw Wheels

  • Pads / Discs
  • Fleet/Auto

  • Hose Clamps

  • Light Bulbs

  • Fuses
  • Tapes

  • Electrical

  • Duct

  • Masking
  • Wire Management

  • Cable Ties

  • Split Loom

  • Heat Shrink
  • Drill Bits

  • HSS,Prod. Grade, 118 Deg.

  • HSS,Heavy Duty, 135 Deg.
  • Rivets & Tools

    Work Gloves

  • Bins/Drawers


    Fastening Concepts, LLC offers a wide range of products to serve your business, home, shop or outdoor needs. Just a couple of clicks in our quick and secure on-line store will have your products on there way to you in no time.

    With Fastening Concepts you can also rest assured that your parts bins and parts drawers, stocked with our products, will be top notch from name brand companies you know and trust.

    Our product line includes:
    Cap Screws with hex head or socket head drives, choose fine or coarse thread and Grade 5 or Grade 8 depending on your application. This hold true as well for our hex nuts. Need Metric Fasteners? All of our hardware, including washers is available in Class 8.8 Metric sizes.

    Our screw options encompass machine screws, sheet metal screws and self drilling (TEK) screws. The machine and sheet metal screws are pan head with a phillips drive. The self drilling screws have a hex head to be used with a nut driver for that solid, positive drive.

    The anchors are available in plastic ribbed or plastic super ribbed configurations. Both work great for drywall, wood or concrete applications. Our other anchor choice, highly recommended for drywall, is the popular "Zap-In" anchor. In our opinion the most convenient and easiest to use drywall anchor on the market. Our anchors come from International Tool Manufacturing Corporation (ITM) headquartered in New York.

    Our line of electrical terminals include a full array of butt connectors, ring and spade terminals as well as quick disconnects. Choose from PVC, nylon or heat shrinkable material depending on your application requirements.

    For abrasives we only distribute for United Abrasives Inc./SAIT. Their full line could take up multiple websites alone. Our site includes the most popular of the cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, chop saw blades, and threaded hub non-woven discs. Not sure about your application? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your process with you.

    The fleet and automotive line includes stainless steel hose clamps, light bulbs and fuses.

    Electrical tape in a rainbow of colors, industrial Duct tape and masking tape round out our choice of tapes.

    As with our anchors, our drill bits come from ITM. They carry a full array of tooling which includes drill bits, taps/dies, and screw driver bits. You can visit the ITM website for a full listing of their products.

    Ironclad performance wear is our work gloves manufacturer of choice. Ironclad has revolutionized the way the working world views gloves and blazes the trail in glove innovation for the construction and industrial markets.

    Our parts bins and drawers come from Durham Storage Products. They are unparalled in quality and strength. If you are looking at this website, there is no doubt you have a neighboring business with Durham storage products already present. They are THAT good!!

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